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Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Get the M-Quest Suite MQ1 for the platforms Windows, Linux and MacOS. Other platforms are no longer supported. In the archive you will find older versions of the operating systems HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and SGI.

The M-Quest Suite MQ1 runs on the listed platforms and operating systems. The 64-bit version is automatically selected if Unigraphics NX needs it. M-Quest Suite MQ1 automatically installs the 32- and 64-bit version.


Operating System
Windows Professional XP
Windows Professional XP-64
Windows 7-64
Windows 8.1-64
Windows 10-64
NX5 - NX8.5
NX5 - NX8.5
NX5 - NX11
NX9 - NX12
NX9 - NX12
NX5 - NX6.1
not available
not available
not available
not available
Linux (32Bit), Kernel 2.4
Linux (64Bit), Kernel 2.4
not available
NX5, NX6, NX9-NX11
not available
not available
Mac OSX10.6 (32Bit)
Mac OSX10.6 (64Bit)
not available
NX6, NX7.5
not available
not available
The M-Quest Suite MQ1 runs on all these systems. The installation of M-Quest Suite MQ1 always contains the 32- and 64-bit version of that operating system. A 64-bit operating system can also run the applications of 32-bit environment, but not vice versa.


The M-Quest Suite MQ1 no license needed more. We give all the modules free of charge.


If you load M-Quest Suite MQ1 from the Internet, you get a single, self-extracting EXE file. Double click on the file, the file extracts itself and automatically starts the installation program. You can then select the language for the installation. Follow the installation wizard and the installation will be successful. You have already set up during installation option, the CAD interface to Unigraphics and/or I-deas. This step can later be caught up with M-Admin at any time.


M-Quest continuously optimized the software and offers new minor versions (1, 2, 3, etc. on). These versions can be installed over a previous installation of M-Quest with the same major version (MQ1). Patches (patch) will be incremented by a number (1, 2, 3, etc.). Each higher patch contains the complete scope of the previous patch. A patch is available directly from the Internet or recorded externally by a directory with the help of M-Admin.

Download the installation packages

Wählen Sie die gewünschte Version aus und Sie erhalten eine Übersicht aller verfügbaren Plattformen mit den dazugehörenden Patches. Klicken Sie auf den Link HTTP, wenn Sie die Software via den Browser beziehen möchten.





Windows platforms: After the download you can start the installation by double-clicking on the file and select the language for the installation (English or German).

Linux platforms: After successfully downloading the installation file, it must be converted into an executable file. Log in as "root" to the system and use the following commands:

# chmod 777 <download file>
# ./<download file>>

The extension [.run] of the downloaded file indicates that you can run the file directly. As default the /tmp directory is used for extraction. Would you like to choose a different directory, use the following commands before extraction:

# MQ_TEMP_DIR=/<new path>; export MQ_TEMP_DIR
# ./<download file>

When this is done the file will be extracted and the installation will be started. The language for the installation (English or German) can be selected after the installation program is started.

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