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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Support Device Driver

Device Driver

The M-Plot Suite MQ1 offers more than 2000 printer drivers. All drivers are packed into one single file together. This file can be downloaded and extracted only by M-Plot Setup. It is not necessary that you load this file from the Internet. M-Plot Setup can update the driver library on request itself.

If the download with M-Plot Setup doesn't work or you have no right to obtain files via FTP, you can perform the update manually. Get the driver package for M-Plot and save the file in the M-Plot source directory "C:Sharedmquest_mq1mplot" or %MQ_MPLOT_DIR%. Start M-Plot Setup again, and you have the latest printer to choose.

Available Printer Drivers

Here is an overview of all available printer. First select the manufacturer and the model range will be invited again. This can take depending on network traffic somewhat.

The parameters listed below with the relevant options are in this collection deposited in the driver package. The default value is highlighted in bold. The internal ID is used to uniquely determine the entry and serves as a selection criterion (M-Plot Batch).


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