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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Products M-Server


M-Server works off large printing volumes standalone in the background. A partner application like Priman of UGS PLM Solution or M-Plot creates a print job in form of a XML file. This is evaluated by M-Server and according to the priority processes. The scaling of M-Server is free and can be maximized by further clients arbitrarily.

Functional principle

M-Server consists of one master and at least one client. The M-Server Master manages the incoming print jobs, the M-Server Clients, and reports over every processed job to the caller. The M-Server Client does the real work. This receives exactly one job for working. The collecting and loading of the necessary documents and processing of the required print outs is task of the client. If this is done, the client will inform the master of the status.

If printing about one M-Server Client needs to much time, one or more M-Server Clients on different workstations can be established. These will be coordinated by M-Server Master. The performance can be specified by M-Server individually with this technique (freely scalable). CAD workstations which are not constantly in use (over night) can be used as M-Server Clients with these techniques.