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Sunday, October 25, 2020
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M-Shot creates screen dumps in a very simple way directly from Unigraphics™ and I-deas™ of UGS PLM Solutions in an excellent quality. The resolution is defined with a picture matrix. This allows creating high resolutions images for large size printers. Since only a screen dump is created, the speed of the picture creation is very fast and precisely (WYSIWYG).

How does M-Shot work?

M-Shot uses the ability of Unigraphics™ and I-deas™ to reproduce geometry in any arbitrary scale any time. A conventional screen dump has only approximately 96 dpi. However, modern printers need 300 dpi and more.

The original graphic is subdivided into sectors with a picture matrix. In this example we use a matrix of 4x4. M-Shot will shoot 16 individual pictures.   Every sector is scaled around a factor (in our example 4). The geometry will be re-built with Unigraphics™ or I-deas™ and a new single image created.   Finally, all single  images are merged into one single picture. Voilà, a perfect picture with the 4-fold resolution!