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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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M-Plot Suite

altM-Plot Suite consists of various applications. These can be started on the operating system or invoked from a CAD application. Every application uses the same, central settings. If a filter is for example modified, then the consequences are everywhere immediately visible.

M-Plot Standalone

With this application local files are comfortably convertible on the operating system. Different formats can be integrated into a print job with a click. This allows the print into one single, multi-page document. If Unigraphics™ is installed from UGS PLM Solutions, components can be printed directly too.


M-Plot Preview

This application can represent all supported input formats of M-Plot, also PDF and HP-GL. This allows checking geometry very quickly. M-Plot Preview can be started as an own application like also from M-Plot.

M-Plot Print

With M-Plot Print the formats are converted into the desired output format. M-Plot Print is the heart of M-Plot and is started from all M-Plot Suite applications. The initial settings can be set with the help of a parameter file centrally or especially for a user.




M-Plot Setup

All settings for M-Plot Print are adjustable with M-Plot Setup. Here you define new filters, determine the output devices and create new stamps. All information is summarized in one single file.


M-Plot Batch

If automation shall be carried out, the perfect application will be M-Plot Batch. All formats inclusive components of Unigraphics™ can be converted without any user action. Whole directories can be printed so quickly or combined into one single file.


M-Plot Unigraphics™

M-Plot Suite has a special interface to Unigraphics™ NX5 to NX7.55. Newer versions are integrated constantly. An unusual feature of this interface is printing complete assembly structures this is local of the operating system or directly from TcEngineering™.


M-Plot I-deas™

I-deas Anwender kennen M-Plot schon sehr lange. Seit der I-deas Version 1.3 ist M-Plot verfügbar. Dabei hat M-Plot eine spezielle Schnittstelle zu Master Modeller™ und Master Drafting™. Es werden die Versionen NX5 bis NX6.1 unterstützt.

I-deas users know M-Plot already very long. M-Plot is available since the I-deas™ version 1.3. M-Plot has a special interface to Master Modeler™ and Master Drafting™. The versions NX5 until NX6.1 are supported.


Important features

M-Plot Suite was co-developed by the users from Germany, Austria and Switzerland substantially. From the many suggestions we have developed the new M-Plot Suite. This supports exactly the needs of the users. Here a choice of the special features:

  • Worldwide in use and proven
  • Runs at the same time on Windows and UNIX platforms
  • Supports an identical graphical user interface on all supported platforms
  • Central settings for all user, printer and platforms
  • Reduce the administration overhead to a minimum
  • User or workstations with a restrictive access
  • Straightforward use also in very large company structures
  • Saving of the printing costs by optimized printing preview
  • First output fits with help of predefined settings
  • Perfectly configurable to the needs of the customer
  • Universal stamp technique with format reconnaissance
  • Fusion of individual drawings into a multi-page document
  • Can use as process in the background
  • A print solution for many different CAX systems
  • Independent of the drivers of the hardware manufacturer
These are only some examples. Download our software today from the net and test all functions free of charge. Here the link alt

Input and Output formats

M-Plot Suite can read many different formats and change these into a new output format. The content of the input is first searched for the available paper sizes, the number of pages as well as the smallest measurements of the individual pages. This information is very valuable for the output. They allow the optimal setting, dependent the pre-selection the chosen output format anyway.

Devices and Graphic Filter Read Write
CGM (ANSI 1 and 3) X X
PFF (formated I-deas™ picture file) X X
TIFF (without LZW) X X
Sun Raster X X
Adobe PDF X X
Adobe EPS (with 8 Bit TIFF-Header) - X
Adobe PostScript (1/2/3) - X
HP-PCL 3/5/6 (PCLGUI3 doesn't work!) - X
Epson ESC/P2 - X

Providing output with stamp

Would you like to provide your documents with additional information? Shall these be stamped if the user prints the document? Exactly this is now offered by M-Plot Suite! You can simply and comfortably provide all outputs with different texts as well as pictures and/or graphics.

You decide whether a stamp lies behind or before the drawing. M-Plot still goes on a step further, you can define different stamps of your own for every format size (A4, A3 etc.). All together produces then one main stamp. These stamps can be determined by the user or pre-designated by the administrator at the output.



Settings of previous version

The M-Plot Suite can update your settings from the previous version M-Plot professional 2002 directly and transfer to the new data organization. If you still work with the older versions2000 or 2001 then must you first upgrade the data into the version 2002.